Vinn and I for Paintlust

As some of you might know, Vinn and I started Paintlust to explore art on walls 2 or 3 years back. Since then, we’ve made a name for ourselves and I’ve also slowly stop taking web jobs. However, 4 months back we’ve decided to part ways to focus on our own endeavors. It was a mutual decision and we both still love each other. She is also getting married this Saturday as well. Congrats!

Anyway, I’ve decided to continue doing art on walls, mainly murals, faux effects and wall stickers. And this time, I want to go as big as possible. So I’ve started my own company called Super Misfits. Something generic so that I can just chuck whatever future endeavors I have under it next time. And the new brand for the the next biggest Mural company in Malaysia is called Art Misfits

We started in April and have been steadily growing since then. I’ve hired 2 staff and we worked in my house with 3 ridiculously attention seeking cats. Come June, we’ve moved into our new office at Mayang Jaya.

Featured in Focus Malaysia, talking about Paintlust

Featured in Focus Malaysia, talking about Paintlust

Things are tough, especially publicity since I’ve exhausted all my marketing contacts and resources during Paintlust days. Who would wanna write about something that has been written before? So we need a new direction. A new direction that can get everybody excited about it. But until then, we will be slowly growing at our own pace.

One more unexpected thing happened, web jobs started trickling in and soon we became swamped with them. Guess I just can’t run away from web development. Hehe. The worst part is, I’ve deleted my web portfolio. What a stupid thing to do. Now we’ve gotta put it back up again under  Virtual Misfits. But that’s about it for now, Art Misfits and Virtual Misfits is enough.

I’ve specifically created this company with a purpose to attract misfits in the society, people who don’t fit anywhere else.. to join us as part of the family and fight to be the best, one day.

How is Art Misfits different from Paintlust?

Yes, we are doing the same thing. Murals, Wall Stickers, Personalized Door Gifts, Painting Demos at events etc etc.

Get your pricing online, instantly.

The price is different. We’ve changed our pricing to be more competitive and transparent. You can actually use a calculator and get your pricing online before contacting us. Not so awkward anymore eh?

The way we work is different. Give a mural job to a solo artist, pay a couple of 10ks and he will spread it out in months to finish it. That’s not what we do. All jobs must finish within 2 weeks, max. How do we do it? We work smart, we plan and we assign tasks according to our artists’ best skills. We also do better foresight planning in case of emergencies.

A different direction. Murals and Wall art doesn’t have to be a service. Services like these are catered towards premium customers, people who appreciate art and can afford it. We want to make art available to every tom,dick and harry out there. Going online retail will be our next big step.

A bigger community. In an effort to make the art industry in Malaysia a better place, we want to connect with the local artists and also artists from other part of the world. Get them together, give them a voice and a community to support one another. This all can happen when the office is partially completed with furnitures and equipments. Right now, it’s still an effort to find time to work on the office.

A louder voice. Back in Paintlust days, I couldn’t write about many things here in my blog in fear of rejection, offending others and other cowardly reasons. But I’ve grown since then and as a leader, my work ethics, leadership skills and decisions are frequently questioned. Without a firm stand on my principles and beliefs I would be sloppy and weak. Thus making the business sloppy and weak.

I figured, might as well be open and talk about my experiences in leading this company. So you can expect transparency and some things to learn from if you are interested in entrepreneurship.

Website for ArtMisfits

Anyway, check out Art Misfit’s website for tutorials on DIY stuff, art, our portfolio and adventures. Sometimes I might double post here as well but if I don’t you’ll know where to go. 😀