Recently, we went to Bali for KY’s birthday. I used Tripit to plan for our holiday, it is also the first holiday I have ever planned. Thank god everything went awesome. Our first destination was Kuta, the epic crowded tourist spot that both KY and I had grown to detest in just a day.

Surfing galore in Kuta

Basically this scenery repeats itself like 20 times across the beach. It may look all picturesque here but it is pretty much destroyed by the population of tourists here. Regardless, the beach here is really beautiful and the most beautiful we have seen in Bali.

There is art everywhere, even in the streets.

Just outside our hotel, among tight road alleys are workers chilling by a graffiti wall. Later on, they went on to drill some longkang just outside this area. Btw, the people here aren’t so privy about safety. They are all living life dangerously and also very friendly too.

Heh Heh, look who's here

In the seaside mall called Discovery Mall, there are pubs just by the seaside that are equally as beautiful. It is no wonder that tourists fell in love with this place at first sight. We did too, but I guess this is gasp* too mainstream for us.

Lunch at Waterbom Park

We went to Waterbom Park at Kuta. It was awesome!!!!

Watch this video and look out for 30 seconds. You will not regret it. This video is shot with our handy GoPro but we didn’t manage to sneak it into the most terrifying ride called Climax.

Low tide beach in Sanur

We then moved to Sanur for KY’s diving trip. I was expecting a prettier and emptier beach but it turns out to be a low tide beach. Still beautiful but not on par with Kuta’s beach.

Walking off to the sea..a common situation

Due to  the low tide, we had to walk out pretty far to the boat that will take us out to the sea.

A long way more to the boat

Look at this boat. I don’t think it can ride the waves anymore when it is stuck ll the way out here.

In the boat prior to diving

On the way to al the dive spots, I was very very confident that I could snorkel alone when the rest go diving. So confident. In the end, the shocking cold temperature of the sea scared me and my fear of the ocean stopped me from doing that. Even when the manta rays were just so close nearby! The dives were very successful, everyone managed to see what they came for and even I, on the boat saw Manta rays and Mola Mola too.

Don't get this hair braiding

The day before this, I thought I would get my hair braided and avoid the calamity of tangles during the dive trip. However, there are other issues to worry about. The bare skin that is exposed due to the braiding caused my scalp to peel. Ouch.

Biking in a small town

For our last destination, we went to Ubud in Bali. It is the most inspiring and beautiful place ever!!!!!!!!! *Falls in love* I have a road trip video that I have yet to edit.. I’ll do that soon.. it is a documentation of our ride up to the highest mountain and down to the most beautiful lake in Bali!