// Part 1

OMG I just checked my spam folder and found a lot of emails from hazelong.com’s enquiry form!!! T_T So sorry everyone. If I didn’t reply you can email me at hazelong@gmx.com immediately and I will reply asap!

My adrenaline has yet to slow down.. still so very excited about this. In the beginning of every art project, I would always seek for more and more information and knowledge. The learning part of the journey is the most enjoyable one, I feel at ease only when I am constantly doing something interesting.

Doesn’t this look amazing?

So this post will be about information that I have gathered so far.

Pinstriping Masters Techniques, Tricks & Special FX for laying down the lines

Things to buy soon :
Note that this may not be the cheapest, I am not a fan of searching high and low for the cheapest price. I like to get things fast and on the spot without much delay in making decisions.

  • Pinstriping Masters Techniques,Tricks,and Special F/X for Laying Down the Line USD 37
  • Kafka pin striping brushes in 3 sizes from 0 – 3  USD 37.41
  • Normal 1 shot reducer
  • 1 shot 5 primary color set
  • Vinyl Primer
  • Hardener
  • Graphiguard

1 Shot paint, reducer & clears

I have emailed Tom’s Stickers and is very pleased with their prompt response regarding the car wrap enquiries. They have a branch in Shah Alam which would be quite convenient for me to go to.

1. Color limitations of the printing : no limit
2. Duration of the car wrap application : 2-5 days ( depends on the design)
3. Resolution & file format of the design : high res is preferable, ai, psd,eps
4. Template for the design if any : only send out design once payment receive (I was asked to go to their show room to discuss with the designer there first)
5. Price for glossy car wrap print and application : around RM3k

Creative decisions are the hardest to make. I can’t even decide on the background color.. which will basically be the main color of my car. Deciding on the illustration is even worse. All I know is I want a girl in there, a beast of some sorts and some abstract illustrations (hopefully lines so I can do it with pinstriping)

I do have some inspiration so far though..Here are they in bits and pieces.

Split in two colors with a bleed from the lower half right over the windows.

Something to enhance the curves of the car..

Chip Foose design

This is probably how I will split the tones in my car, but different flow and the white parts will be illustrated of course.

On further thinking, spending 3k on car wrap and another 1k plus on pin striping is bit ridiculous for me as that is half the price of a motorbike that I wanted to buy for so long. Buying an airbrush set with the pin striping is more affordable. I found an artist in Shah Alam that sells airbrush kits, does automotive airbrushing and gives classes. What more could I ask for? Time to contact the guy and see how it goes.

Whale car

Something fun I found 🙂