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Today is so tiring for me.. Just started Paintlust work again and this time we are working on location at Dulux. I managed to find some time between brush strokes to make a call to Amir from Vatos Airbrush Studio. I asked about the equipment and the courses fee and was flabbergasted to find out that the full course is RM 3500 for 10-14 days of studying. That is about RM 250 for 2 hours a day. T_T

I can understand why it is priced that way. I mean once he departs all the knowledge to his students, he is basically creating competitors for himself and it is a fair price to pay for knowledge like that. I found out that the airbrush alone is RM 1000 ++ without the compressor. Wow. This project seems so desolate and lost now.

However, I am lucky and grateful for he sms back with a few more affordable choices. Yay!

RM 500 for a 2 days course
RM 800 for a 3 days course
RM 1500 for an advance 5 days class
RM 3500 for full course

The numbers are abit off arithmetically but who cares! I can afford a 2 days course which covers the basic of automotive airbrushing. I don’t really need the techniques for airbrushing cuz for that… Google is my friend. The important stuff I need to know is the kind of paint I need to use, how to do the finishing, equipment handling and safety regulations. The paint is toxic and it scares the hell out of me. I am terrified of mortality ever since my dad passed away.

Anyway, on Saturday I head to Amir’s crib in Klang for the lesson.

Greeted with art on cars

There were 2 cars in WIP stage right in this corner lot house. I feel so excited already seeing the art. >_<

Airbrush techniques 101

Amir taught me how to disassemble and assemble the airbrush, explained to me all the tools and paint I would need for my car job and also where I could find the stuff I need to buy. I am growing to respect this guy more and more, it is very inspiring to meet an artist so humble and willing to share his pool of knowledge. He did told me he wanted to continue going to courses hosted by artists that inspired him, Dru Blair is one of them. And it struck me that, once you are immersed in your profession for a long time, sometimes ego gets to you and you feel like you know it all you know what I mean… this is a reminder that I ought to seek for creative knowledge more and really nurture the artist in me.

My first attempt at airbrush

Handling the airbrush is not easy, keeping your hand steady is no easy task. One of the most difficult thing in this process to me is the balance between the pressure on the finger button and the distance between the airbrush and the canvas. I still can’t get the airbrush to respond to how I want it to yet and it can be a little frustrating at times. I think I need at least a month’s practice just to be able to tame the airbrush.

Airbrush master at work

Ok I have an updated list of things to buy after this session. Boy I am glad I held out in buying those items. Phew.

  1. Pinstriping Masters Techniques,Tricks,and Special F/X for Laying Down the Line USD 37
  2. CarMix paint from Mercury Paints, local automotive brand
  3. Intercoat to lock the artwork
  4. Normal thinner, 2k thinner & turpentine
  5. Sword striping brushes from Mack, Amir told me bout buying pin striping brushes from Sarawak but I still have 2 brushes stashed in my US address.. so I am gonna take this opportunity to get some striping swords from US while I am at it.
  6. Matte clear coat
  7. Automotive masking tape
  8. Airbrush and compressor RM 735

A short demo by Amir

At the end of the day, Amir presented to me a painting done during his demonstration. It is very captivating to watch an artist at work, unless it is Vinn cuz I see her work every damn day. Lol. Ever since I returned to art, I feel so so so much happier and joyful πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Now that this is taken care off, I can spend my time working on the car design. Finally! πŸ˜€

Anyway, if you need airbrush art done on cars check out Amir’s works at Facebook. I would definitely recommend him as well if you are looking for airbrush classes in Malaysia.