First time using scaffold for painting.

Alyson called Paintlust up and asked for a wall mural for her mom’s new and upcoming restaurant, Simply Mel’s. I didn’t partake on this project because I couldn’t climb up on the ladder or walk for that matter. I actually tried to paint but gave up after my leg swelled up.

Clouds and Fan.

Vinn had to take care of the whole project by herself while I work from home during this period.

Malacca foliage

This is how she worked, high up on the scaffold. According to her, it shakes and doesn’t feel secure. Since this is her first time using it perhaps its just a matter of time.

Base color all up!

That is all I painted for this project, the walls and floor for Portugal(the left side)

Ming Hao at the Portugal painting

We had Ming Hao come in to finish my parts.

Vinn fixing up Portugal

After he was done, Vinn had to do some retouching..

There but doing nutfink.

There I was.. sitting and doing nothing like a boss. :p


Ships that Vinn painted looks great!

More ships

Vinn loves her ships


The finished result from left —

The center