If you are into Gothic makeup or you need some dramatic makeup for that rock concert, this look is for you! It is subtle enough to be worn to a variety of events or you can exaggerate it to suit your sch-tyle. Ok, let’s head to the details!

Before you attempt this look, make sure that you are having a good-face day or you are going to look like a hot mess! No pimples or breakouts. Hydrate your skin well before trying this look. This look is suitable for younglings with flawless skin.

  1. Apply a nude shimmer colour to your lids
  2. Define your under-eye with dark brown eyeshadow
  3. Intensify your under-eye with streaks and smudges of black eyeshadow
  4. Time to take that eyeliner and line your eyes. This time, be messy when you are doing your under-eye. Go with feathering strokes.
  5. Finish the look with long falsies. Make sure you do this to balance the makeup. The smudged eyeliner serves as a dramatic shadow effect for the upper lashes.
Put on some lipstick, don’t be so square! Dab it and go over the borders. Enjoy the sexy night out!