Just 2 days ago, I was at the Somersby Garden Party and met some familiar faces there.  Carlsberg’s very own Soren and Pearl was there. I last worked with them on the Carlsberg mural. That was so long ago!

Linora from Red fm was the emcee for the night and the dress code was yellow + green. There were dances and lots of Apple products for the party goers to win.

They have also assembled a very interesting group of mat sallehs to go all “Lord Somersby”. They all wore Victorian costumes and supposedly, Lord Somersby is the one that grew the apple tree. The apple tree that borne all the apples for the delicious Somersby Apple Cider. 

The drink is different from all the other ciders that I have tried, mainly because this cider uses fresh apples instead of dried ones. So the taste is more fruity and the alcohol taste less distinctive making it a very silent and potent drink.

Suan is the one that invited KY and I to the party. Somehow, when it comes to drinking we always ended up with her. Haha. I am also secretly pleased that my braces changed my face shape abit. :3

You should try the drink if you haven’t, it’s really delightful. I can see it becoming my weekend breakfast drink!