If you think that having long hair or short hair doesn’t really make a difference, think again. Cuz everytime I plop on the wig, whatever pose I do looks good.
It is like a beauty potion in a form of hair. lolAnyway, Sequence Fashion Show went well.. I didn’t really have the chance to enjoy the show cuz I was running here and there doing makeup, fittings, entertaining guests and what not.

The thing is, the crowd is not really full but even with the amount that came, I was already short handed and screaming for help.
I remember halfway through, I wanted to piss and eat and smoke and drink cuz I was hurting, hungry, thirsty and tired. My legs hurt too. Everytime I tried to ease the urges by eating or what not, I have to stop quarter way to work.
Wow man………..
Photos and videos will be up soon.
Thank you to all that came and gave your support. Couldn’t have done it without yall. I apologize if I did not say hi or spend time with yall.. The next event I promise I will be better.

Much Much Much love.

Ok, today’s look is a sweet look catered for feminine ladies out there. Long hair is a plus.. if you have short hair and people tell you that you look good in them, DON’T BELIEVE THEM!
Anyway, I used shade 44 and 66 for the brows. Due to my artist’s instinct in me, I rarely use one pigment alone for any application. I usually dab a few colours. So for the brows, I used both shade. Its a dark ash brown and a saturated dark brown colour.

Next, I used shade 1 for the brow bone but I mix a lil of shade 2 as well cuz we are doing a green based look. Green looks good with the presense yellow and blue.
You can use any white pigment or yellow colour for this.
Next, I used shade 25,26 and 47 all together in one brush and apply them on my eyelids blending up to the brow bone.
If you don’t have the pigment pallete, you can use any yellowish green, ash green and mint green as well.
Like I said, no green without blue or yellow. Now comes the blue part.Get shade 80(dark forest green) and shade 82 (strong teal blue) and blend at the outer corner of the eye. Remember to slowly fade in the colour on the lower lids as well.
You guessed right if you think I am gonna use yellow. Get Shade 13(pure yellow) and brush on your lower lash line starting from the inner corner towards the dark green/blue.
The colours may look faded but when you line your eyes with black pencil eyeliner, they will look better.

And of course, curl your lashes and apply mascara!

For the cheeks.. does it really matter?
Cheeks blusher comes in :
1. near purple-pink shades
2. pink shades
3. near red- pink shades
4. light red
5. near orange -light red shades

That’s all to it. If your eye makeup is :

1. yellow : use 4 or 5 2. blue : use 2
3. green : use 4 or 5 4. brown/black : use 3 or 4
5. pink/purple : use 1 or 2
Also, if your overall look is :
1. dark eyes + pale lips : use 1 or 2 2. shimmer eyes + red/orange glossy lips : use 4 or 5
3. dark eyes + glossy pink/red lips : use 3

So when you buy your blusher, don’t keep buying ur fave colours.. get at least one of each 5 blusher colour tones or else…. i dunno or else what. haha.
Next tutorial.. matching lip color/gloss with eyemakeup!