At this point of time, the only thing in my mind is career and family. But since my love life is so chaotic I wanna ask also. The thing is I can only ask 2 questions.

Blogging live from iPhone btw, eating now waiting for the Tarot Master to come back. Vinn said that I just have to tell her every damn thing and she will take care of the rest. Ok, that is simple enough.

First, I tell Siew Lee everything. Family, career and love. Then she told me that I can only ask questions that reflect the near future which is within this current year.

So, first off I asked bout family and rested my hand on the tarot cards before I split the cards to two. My question was can I support my family after my dad is gone and should I take up this responsibility.

Then she just one sentence stab my conscious. “You are the kind that like to have alot of burdens on you”.

She said that I shouldn’t take up the responsibility cuz there won’t be gratitude in the end. As a result I will just overwork myself for people who will just keep taking but never give me back anything in return.

She also said that I should leave the responsibilities to my stepmom and assure me they won’t die of hunger. No matter how much I do, I won’t be able to be important to them.

Then she said that I have alot of scars and hurt from the past, if I shoulder too much burden in the end I will be the one to suffer and chaos will happen.

I shouldn’t make unnesecary promises she said and the burden to raise a child is up to the mother not me.

Well next question is bout lovelife. I won’t disclose my questions here. Basically I know I am fucked before I even ask the question. -_-

This is fucked up cards. Basically it says I m surrounded by idiots. One is a good person but bad tempered and need to change alot of things which I totally lost feelings for already. Then got other people who are like surrounded by chaos and is useless basterds. -_-

Siew Lee gave me free reading for my career. I got stunned by how accurate it is. Basically most of the stuff I din disclose much. She said I m damn talented but not focused enough what also wanna do and didn’t get much returns. The problem is I m too soft hearted dunno how to reject people always charge too cheap when my reputation n talent is there already.

After the whole thing I know what to do. Don’t make too much promises, don’t assume so much responsibility and dun worry bout family. Love life she just ask me bla and find someone else. Careerwise, I am raising my price and not gonna be soft hearted. Meanwhile I need to find a manager.

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