I was researching for enchanting female-themed web designs when old Grandpa Google fed me rubbish. There is a vast audience that are into this genre of design but each time I design for a client that requires this, I always have to source all over the place for good designs. Why not compile them here? Benefits everybody. 😀

How come no one tag me for upcoming female designers!!!? I am female and I am a designer ok!! Tag me nao!!!

#1 Style 4 You
Vintage style web design with paper parchment for the content divitis.

#2 Monki
Illustration design for a flash-based website

#3 Simply Creative
Simple pastel pink design with a floral background

#4 Tanya Merone
Pastel colour scheme with simple usage of textured background. It’s the finishing touches that makes it professional : the style of the headings and the slight wrapper around each element.

#5 Valentina Olini
Simple blog design with a colourful header and collages around it.

#6 SaraJoy
A minimalistic colourful blog design. Eventhough it is colourful, the colours are all focused on the menu to draw attention to it.

#7 The Darling Tree
I can’t get this web design off my head. It’s so beautiful. The illustrations in the background and the rare 4-column layout. However, I do wonder if updating the content is a hassle for the designer; there are a lot to customize for it to blend into the design!

#8 Summertwin
Another colourful layout that is balanced nicely with a plain white background.

#9 Claire Coles
Rare example of a logo/header that is embedded in the background.

#10 Kinder Aktuell
Feminine corporate web design.

#11 20 Jours
Pink vintage blog design with a slight touch of grunge in the background.

#12 Frocktastic
E-boutique layout with random frame designs for each one of the product images.

#13 Sour Sally
How do I describe this… eh… it’s casual illustrative design that makes you comfortable when you look at it. The lines are carelessly drawn and that makes it appear kinda laid back. I think.

#14 Hip Mom
I love the usage of floral patterns with the silhouette of birds. It gives a very romantic feel to the layout.

#15 Me & Mommy to be
Another corporate web design that looks friendly and relaxed. Ok I am running out of adjectives. It’s difficult stringing adjectives together.

#16 Odosketch
Pastel themed design with handwritten fonts.

#17 Larissa Meek
Who says that a feminine website can’t have dark colours? It works as long as there is a right touch of pink here and there.

#18 Jengermann
Looks like a very CSS-friendly coded web design.

#19 Design*Sponge
Collage designed template, looks very ‘handcrafted’.

#7 What Katie Does
Vintage pastel colour scheme with simple usage of typography.