Hey lovelies!!
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In the new website you no longer have to slow million miles down, all pictures for tutorials have been condensed into a slideshow.. all you gotta do is click next! nice huh?

I went to the A Cut Above BSC Launch yesterday but a little story first..
Few weeks ago I went to Shunji Matsuo to cut my hair with the dreams of japanese or korean dudes touching my hair..There wasn’t any Japs or Koreans there….-_-

So I took the director and this is precisely what I asked, ” Can you just cut my hair like how you cut for hair shows? Something funky and stylish!”

And he started chopping away my shoulder length hair.. then I asked him, ” Have you worked here for long?”
He replied “Oh I am new, but I was with A Cut Above for 20 years plus.”

.. A Cut Above…. you guys remember Vinn? if you have been following my blog since the beginning of time.. you will remember her looking like this :And her hair came from a hair show she did for A Cut Above.. In my head, I thought ” I am gonna come out looking like Vinn!!!!”

That’s me, my new name is skellie.

So I went to the A Cut Above launch in BSC with Ringo from Cheeserland.com.. looking like an A Cut Above ambassador eventhough I went to Shunji Matsuo….Aishah Sinclair, emcee for the night!

Amber Chia and peepz from A Cut Above plus me!

Amber and Ringo.
I specifically told Ringo, the dresscode is luxurious and trendy. She came in streetwear!
This is what happen when you think of pink too much. *-*

Amber and Me!

Winnie Loo and Chui Ling in the middle.

Aishah Sinclair and Sazzy Falak

Ringo and Sazzy!

We met a jovial Joyce Wong at the event! Coincidentally, she and ringo dressed in the same way…

Joyce and flowery me! She looked so much happier and radiant now ever since she has found her freedom!

Chui Ling and me.. I have a super big crush on her!! Her dimples melt my heart each time I looked at her!

Two very happy beings in the event.

This is Amber’s family. When I first saw her, I was shocked. She is so freaking thin!!
Much much more skinnier than me. Hideously thin.
But in photos, perfectly shaped.
I have no fucking idea too. Don’t ask me.

You can tell if anyone if thin by their clavicle.
Amber Chia and Winnie Loo, the founder of A Cut Above.

I swear Winnie Loo was being nice to me cuz of my haircut, cuz she was swamped by well-wishers and photographers and noticed me and Ringo floating around like jellies. She motioned to us to join her for photos!
How sweet..