These days are filled with art and music. I am enjoying my job and my life now. Sometimes we have to work at certain events in the middle of town though.

Massive jam outside Gtower

We braved the traffic sometimes to get to our venue and sometimes we don’t always make it in time. Aiks.

Getting ready to paint at G Tower

Vinn and I at G Tower for Kronenbourg’s event launch. If you are planning to have some tshirts painted, Paintlust is the company to look for!

Hard at work

Tshirt markers are easy to use and if you have a painted tshirt at home, you have to iron it before you can wash them. This will set the paint in place.

Vinn working at the booth

Vinn loves to color tshirts and is a perfectionist when it comes to quality.

The working disabled

I was still disabled then and couldn’t walk so I had to attend the event in a wheelchair. Some people thought that we are a disabled association but they couldn’t be more wrong.

Dennis Lau and his tshirt

Mishaps happen sometimes. At this particular event, some of our tshirts were stolen but we managed to repaint the tshirts that were stolen. Who knew that art can be so in demand eh.

KY and I

I don’t have to worry about getting KY an invitation for my events. He is usually invited and just have to show up. Talk about convenience.

Its early but people are coming for their t shirts

Everyone gets a free tshirt, painted and doodled by us.

All our gear and some beer!

At the end of the day, that is what’s left on the table. We are always lucky there is someone that will pass us some beer and food while we work. Helps to be a girl sometimes.

Marianne helping out

Sometimes we get jobs to paint small scale instead. Marianne helps us out for this job.

Working hard

There were 80 over plates to paint but it was fun and we finished on time.

Our Martell plates

That’s all our designs spanning across all ze plates.

Our painted plates

We managed to get the Martell logo printed on the plates by myFlippix too.

Painting plates for Martell

And so it goes on.. soon we will be doing larger scale works. You can always check out what we are up to at

xPlay is really getting hot!

DJ Malika

Also, don’t forget that xPlay will be at Paragon Club this 19th November 2011 featuring Russia’s best DJ and a whole array of local DJs. Not to mention that she is smoking hot too!

There are plenty of ways to get your FREE VIP ticket. The easiest one is to like the xPax Facebook page. 


For Penangites, you can get ready for xPlay at Mois Reece on 26th November and party with the first female DJ to win the DMC World Champion, DJ Noodle.

You can also get free passes by registering at