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Adventures in Paintlust


These days are filled with art and music. I am enjoying my job and my life now. Sometimes we have to work at certain events in the middle of town though. We braved the traffic sometimes to get…

Does Domino’s GPS tracker works?


Since I broke my ankle, I been ordering food delivery non-stop when one day Mcdonalds said that they are closed and I decided to try Domino’s Pizza. I was surprised to see that the ordering process is very…

Rewiring the New


Hey you.. thanks for reading. 🙂 It’s been some time. I miss your comments and reads. The past few months I have been bouncing left and right from idea to idea, job to job. It is kinda bad…

Portfolio Update


Vey.com.my Catalog web design for Bryan YuniqueParadise.com Catalog blogshop for Yuni KYspeaks namecard Namecard for KY YuniqueParadise namecard Namecard for Yuni

Box of Solutions


I am a box of solutions. I can solve your design needs, coding, development. I can do photography when you need, be your model, shoot videos, cut videos. put effects and objects into videos, make you pretty using…

Paintlust, Glee and portfolio updates


Lots of updates. Lazy to update my portfolio section already. Tiu. Gonna change to wordpress soon. I have like tons of blog posts to put up, enough for everyday for a week or two. Damn.