Recently, Paintlust has been commissioned by Carlsberg for a wall mural. The project is huge, spanning across 3 walls. We prepared some mock ups for the walls, surprisingly the 2 main walls were approved immediately.

2 walls spanning across 20 feet wide and 9 feet high

However, the last wall did not have such luck. After 6 revisions we ended up with this rendition of the mock up.

and a corner for the kids to paint. Do we really need mock up for this?

All our gears and gadgets.

Our first night begins with the lines tracing with the help of a projector.

Vinn & Derek fooling around

The peeps at Carlsberg were helpful enough to bring some tables & chairs for us as well as loan us their projector. After we match the drawing to the rough guide on the wall, we started work immediately.

Vinn's serious side is so masculine.

Now, our job is slightly more complicated than just painting the wall. We have to line the walls and separate them into parts for the Carlsberg’s staffs and employees to paint. The event will be on their regular monthly Carlsberg Family Day event and this time, we are hosting it. How exciting! Gulp.

Something fun for the kids..

We line everything up, knowing that they will most probably paint over the lines and we would have to do it all over again anyway. But doing this gives the wall a more professional look. Just like a coloring book!

And for the adults, something more challenging

There are certain parts that are just lined with a blue chalk. At this point, we were both worried if they could make sense of what the fuck we just drew.

The graffiti part looks awesome at this point though!

Looks awesome, we were resisting the urge to put in some vibrant colours all the time. Black Nippon Paint is all we have for now.

And finally, the whole thing is done. The last wall unfortunately have to be completed by us, instead of sharing the process with the staffs.

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