I am finally back!!!!

I went to Penang for my CNY holidays..
It was just like what one of my buyers said, “The whole KL traffic will literally migrate to Penang.
She didn’t mention that it includes human traffic other than car traffic.
This is at Gurney Drive… the food court. Nobody is standing.. Everybody is like sitting and there is barely any space to move about at all. How crazy is this wei.
We waited for half an hour for the current table to finish eating.

I played fireworks outside Gurney Drive.The brown blur is the shaking and screaming me.
Tips for taking fireworks : Use slow shutter speed.
If you are using normal camera, use the setting that always get your shots blur no matter how steady you hold your camera.

We went to most of the temples and historical places in Penang.. This is at the Peranakan Mansion, home of the Baba and Nonya..
The house has a very nice colour scheme to it.. greens and reds..

So many vintage antiques and props.. pose pose camwhore..
I am a baba nonya yay.

Posing tips 101 : When crossing your legs, place them side by side and slanting both of them to one direction. Slant your shoulders!!

What kinda blardy pose is this. but the colour scheme so nice. pink and greens i like!!

Better now. I bought the pink umbrella hehe.. for future photoshoots.
Looking for a nice chinese fan now.

Koi fishes for dinner.

Kek Lok Si pagoda temple.. I din bother to climb it or enter.. haha..
cuz it is surrounded by so many pretty flowers outside.. I was trying to do macro photography with my Skinny T that I won from Kakiis Night Out.

Camera not bad wei.. can zoom and move into the flower pretty close.

Can you believe this is done using a consumer camera and not my Nikon SLR??
Tips for photography composition.. Never shoot your objects dead center unless there is a creative intention to it.. like the penang bridge shot.. cuz the bridge makes a nice symmetry composition.

Depth of Field is very nice when you can catch it in photography..especially if there is something really near that is blur and the objects in the background is blur too!!

Posts will resume tomorrow.. peace out ladies!!