Tralaala… I did this for Sin Loo during Kim’s Hen’s Night in Cherating. You can get the same thing too! Just read on.


  • Nail polish in any color you like
  • Diamantes.. optional
  • Nail art pens or markers in white, brown and dark blue
  • Cupcake colors – Cream pink, grey, blue
  1. Base coat on. Paint 3 nails from each hand with a flat nail polish color. Keep 2 nails in the biggest size for the cupcakes
  2. Base coat on the cupcake nails.
  3. Paint a french strip in grey for one of them and blue for the other. Don’t need to be perfect.
  4. Take cream pink and dot in the cupcake cream.
  5. Use the pens/markers to draw stripes when the nail polish has dried.
  6. Dot in the cream pink with brown and white.
  7. For a final touch, put a diamante at the top of the cupcake or just dot a blue nail polish.