First of all, i apologize for breaking my promises so many fucking times. yes i cursed cuz i feel terrible. i have been caught up with so many work that everytime i need to do those work, blushberry comes in. n vice versa.
but as compensation, this is what I have today.
Hope yall like it.Yes, both is me. read on to find out.We shall start with the White Doll look.
Then we shall move on to the Black Doll look. Basically you can do the White Doll for the day and when you go partying at night, you can use the same tutorial cuz it continues from the White Doll look.For the brows, use just one shade for that pale doll look. I used shade 43 from the pigment pallete. You can use any light brown shade that matches your brow colour a shade lighter.

After that, do your brow bone with the generic shade 1. You can use any pure white colour.
For those who is wonder what is shade 1 or 45 or 88.. you will understand once you click here. lol

Then, use shade 6 and 28 together as the base of your eyeshadow. It brightens your whole eyes up!

Like Van Gogh once said, ‘Never use blue without yellow’, dab on shade 2 which is a light canary yellow colour on your lower lashes area.

After that, I used Majorca Majolica peach shimmer on the inner corner of my eyelids. Shimmer eyeshadow are the ‘in’ thing nowadays in Taiwan and Japan. I have no idea why but I am going along..

To get a ‘mermaid’ kinda look, overlay pink on the shimmer you just apply which is shade 7 and 8. It gives your eye a light mystical fairy-like effect. cool huh!

This is how it looks like with the eyes open. I look more like a LOTR elf now. HAHA

After that, apply some white powder directly on top of your cheekbones. Then use the pink shades in the pigment pallete and heavily blush your cheeks. Dolls have too much blusher on, you should too if you are going for the look.

Line your eyes thinly with eyeliner. Only the top lash line. Once you line the bottom, you lose that innocent eyes look already.

Glam your lashes up with mascara.

And fake lashes. I am using Feather lashes from the lash collection!

After that, line the inner corner of your lower lash line with white eyepencil to get that big doll eyes look!

Prep your lips with lip balm and smudge nude lipliner/concealer all over it
Apply a frosty pink lipgloss.

Tada! I look so cute I feel like killing myself. Ugh.
I bought 2 wigs for this shoot and clothes and accessories from the store online, I was able to find the best watches ever. You can get access to the members area by purchasing a minumum ammount of RM 10 from the other I-socks shop. There are 4 shops btw : Female, Male, Accesories and Members Only.

I dislike pure lolita act kawaii girls so I am gonna stop the photos here for the White Doll. Don’t kill me.. I am always a dark and emo girl when it comes to dressing and makeup.

FINALLY!! Black Doll!!
I like this better. suits the dark matter in my brain more.
I absolutely love the neck cuff which attaches to my hand cuff with a chain.
Oh don’t you love it.
Naturally, all the stuff I want to get are in the I-socks male department which I do not have the guts to go into.

Ok… Now that your day job is done.. you wanna go partying but your makeup is so… day-like.
You can change it to the night makeup with a few easy steps.
First of all, use your hands and rub off that heavy blush and your kawaii lip gloss off!
Ok, that’s just me.. please use a tissue.

After that, use shade 66 and redraw the ends of your brows, blending them inwards for a fiercer look.

Now use the same shade 66, which is a dark brown colour and layer it on your eyelids, blend them right up to your brow bone colour.

After that use shade 77, an even darker brown colour and go over your crease. Blend well. It shouldn’t have any harsh lines!

Ok, clean your brush and redo your brow bones again with white or shade 1 cuz after a long day’s work, they are probably gone. poof!
Then use black/shade 88 and do your crease again just like above, be careful when you blend.. do not blend up to high or you’ll look like a black panda, not black doll.. haha

After that, carelessly smudge some liquid liner like so. Get them thich on the outer corner of the eyes for the top and lower lash line. It will make your eyes seem bigger.

Restick the lashes. Do not redo your mascara unless you have those mascara fixers from benefit or something. It will make ur lashes look worse cuz they are caked with sweat, dust and powder.
Besides you are using dark colours on your eyes, so your lashes should be fine.
After you have stuck on ur lashes, you will notice that your eyes look imbalanced cuz your upper lashes is so long and your lower lashes looked bare.

To compensate that, rub black eyeshadow/shade 88 on your lower lash line, balancing the amount of dark areas around your eyes. If you have lower lashes, what are you waiting for?

Line your lips with nude liner/concealer. Just line the outer part..cuz we are gonna fill in the middle parts next.

Rub the middle parts with a sheer pink colour and use a dark red lipgloss over it. This makes your lips looks wet and sexy!

YES. I look better now. to me. Drop me your opinions on which doll you like more.
I think I am so corrupted with evil that I can never pull off cute looks.

Chain me?
See, I have all sorts of taglines for this kinda photos. compared to those.. erm. sweet ones.

If I am ever gonna be casted in a role for ads or tvs or movies.. I’ll probably play the bitch or the villain. That is so cool.

This is my fave pic though I already got some feedback that others like the white doll one better. Oh well.

Here are the twin shots. Both of them is me. I’ll let you guess how I did them. If you can guess the procedure correctly, I’ll throw you a free gift. hehe.

Yes, I copied from Ayumi Hamasaki ballads cover shots cuz its controversial when you copy stuff and that’s good for blog publicity. right?
I am probably gonna get sued.

Tips on the procedure… to have hands touching my body what do I need when I shoot the photos?
My hair are flowing together too, I mean the 2 wigs.

I really hope yall enjoy this post as much as I did when I was shooting them. It was the greatest shoot for me. Like my own personal makeover. Oh and if you like any items I am wearing on any of the photos, I am willing to sell them off.. maybe even the wigs.. i won’t rip you off I promise.
This promise I can keep.