Another manicure I did for Celine during Kim’s Hen’s Night. This manicure was really fun to do! I love love love ombre.


  • Pink nail polish
  • Sponge
  • Glitter nail polish, I used China Glaze Let it Snow
  • Nail art pen/marker in white
  • Nail water decal in a flower motif
  1. Base coat on
  2. Paint pink on the edge of a sponge and sponge the tips of your nails.
  3. Use the nail art pen or any marker and dot some snow on the area where the pink fades
  4. Pick one nail on each hand and draw a love shape on it
  5. Paint glitter on the tip of your nails
  6. Pick another nail on each hand and stick a flower nail decal on top of where the pink fades
  7. Top coat time!