Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!! Chinese New Year is a celebration where you get to fatten up your wallet at the expense of being boiled to death by the weather.

My Chinese New Year was non-existent cuz my dad is sick and Iris is in da haus!!! So, as I spent CNY trying to tame and train Iris, the progress sped up quickly when Guai Lou train her for a night. Damn brutal this caucasian, don’t pray pray but that’s the way to train a dog!

A quick update about my dad : last week my dad asked me to retrieve a certain book from a man named Randolph Wong. The first thought bubble that popped up into my head was, “Kena scam again issit?”.

When I met Randolph, instead of passing me the book he asked me, “Haze, can we have a talk about your father?”.

He turned out to be a blogger. He was a Harvard graduate and what came naturally was a good career, of course. Last year, he lost his wife to cancer. The doctors said that there were only a few months left for her. Randolph, being Harvard material, started his new quest to research about cancer.

Sadly, he was always one step behind his wife’s cancer. She managed to pull through 2 years without chemotheraphy. After that, with all his new knowledge of cancer, he decided to help others from then on. My dad found him through his blog.Β Can’t believe it.. my dad reads blogs but NEVER READS MINE.

Anyway, the big verdict is my dad is going to stop chemotheraphy. I do not want to flame his current doctor because there are people doing that already. You can read all about it here. We are gonna try another kind of treatment instead of the damned 6-months-left-only shit.

This just convinced me point-blank that though there may be practices that lasts until nao, like chemo…sleeping 8 hours…eating panadols for headaches etc etc.. they might be wrong practices that is enforced in time. It just teached me how to question everything, why why why why?

Have you ever asked yourself, why do you need Panadol for headaches? Headache is the symptom, not the root of the problem. Treating the symptom does not mean that the root of the problem will disappear. Drugs are not the only means of medication available but are the most enforced because it is lucrative to the pharmaceutical industry.

Ok I shall stop leeching knowledge from Randolph and making it mine. :p I probably don’t even know how to answer back if you guys debate about it cuz I haven’t cross-checked all the facts yet.

Few days ago, I was chatting away merrily with Ellie bout her blog design and as usual, she was pushing me to put up her design. Younglings nowadays no patience one.

She told me that Joe Low is looking for another model for a photoshoot and I nonchalantly agreed. I have always known that his photos are awesomeorgasmicsauce. In my heart, flowers are blooming in my Cheras garden and “Top of the World” by Carpenters are blasting in my head.

#1 Joy and me in her room.

I went to Joy Chong‘s house without know what to wear, what makeup and what shoot it is. In times like these, if you are the model faced with such dilemma, wear a white tube with no makeup or hairstyling but bring extra clothes, makeup and hair wax+electronics.

#2 My fail no-makeup face.

It turned out to be a photoshoot for Joy’s makeup portfolio. Walau-eh, my competitor ok. I endorse my own makeup nao I endorse other makeup artist’s makeup. Good also, can steal knowledge!!! Joy is gonna keel me!

I watch Joe set up all his gear, damn prosauce!! I was feeling smaller and smaller. Why can’t all my photos in Blushberry look like his photos huh!!!??

Joy did 4 looks in total. This was the last one and my favourite because I can never apply red lipstick like she does. All my red lipstick looks fail one. This is the flickr version.

Yes, I am vain and ego I put every version here. You go have a shoot with Joe then you’ll be like me also fyl. This is the facebook version.

There is something I cannot comprehend about Joy. She does not use mascara even for photoshoot makeup. Is it her habit or issit because my lashes so fail that apply mascara also no use??

Joe is extremely talented in cropping photos. Next time when I grow up, my wedding photos have to be shot by him and no one else!!! He can crop out my husband if he is ahgree.

I love lashes like these, it is extremely difficult to pose. Training sial.

Blue toned shadows to bring out the colour of the makeup! Nais.

Ok, this is my fail attempt to crop and edit photos like Joe. Damn fail wei. How to crop?? HOW?

edit: other photos by Joe Low