2 weeks ago, Vinn and I painted Mervyn’s wall at his house. We are thinking of setting up a team together called PaintLust for our wall painting projects and other paintings/art stuff as well.

The photos above are stolen from Vinn’s blog. She went and sepia-fied everything. -_- Basically, we mask and paint, mask and paint and mask and paint. Ladder looks familiar? I borrowed it from KY. 😀

To get the colours, we refer to the design on my Mac and pick the colour with the colour picker. When the Color Dialog shows up, we mix with the right amount of hue with the tones.

The wall was completed in 1 day, with lots of Jacob Crackers, Maltese and Whisky. We also went for steamboat dinner with Mer Vyn halfway through painting. Thanks to the snacks and also Kevin (Vinn’s boyfriend and my soon-to-be manager) who was our helper that day, we managed to wrap the job with minimal backaches. 🙂

While we were painting these words, ironically I was painting the Stay Hungry and Vinn was painting Stay Foolish. Kinda suits each of us 😀 since I don’t eat and she is slightly retarded. :)) lol

Here is the completed wall that spans over 2 walls. The design is inspired from Duoh‘s web design and the quotes : Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish is a quotation by iPad Steve Jobs.