This look is getting more and more popular..
The alternative smoky eye, instead of starting from the lash line. It starts from our crease.
No eyebrows and nude lips.
Works best if you have light coloured eyes.
Here’s my try, have a go at it!
After your usual foundation and concealer, apply concealer all over your brows.

After that, shade it with a very light colour. I used shade 21 from the 88 pigment pallete.

After that, I do my brow bone with Shade 1. That’s the purest and lightest colour.
I used the same colour on my lids.
After that, I start the artwork by using shade 43. Its a light brownish grey colour. slightly darker than my skin. You should choose the colour based on your skin tone as this step is like a guide for the rest of the step.
Using your brush, start from your crease line and dab one straight line. After that, blend the colour upwards towards your brow bone.
Now, use a darker colour and repeat the step. I used shade 77.
This time, you do not need to blend right up to the brow bone. Just midway is sufficient.
After that use black, which is shade 88 if you have the pigment pallete. Repeat the step above but this time, just minimal blending.
Line your eyes with eyeliner. Your upper lashline should be drawn as thin as possible.
Use black and blend the eyeliner on your lower lash line. Do not touch your upper lashline!
Mascara. Use a very light bronzer for your cheeks and for your lips use nude lipstick.

Tada!.. Um you’ll look weird if you keep your hair down.. cuz it seems that your hair is so bountiful but your eyebrows isn’t. Unless your hair is blond then you can go ahead and let it down.

Sorry for being late.. the major post is still in progress ( I am waiting for the wigs to arrive!)
Check back Sunday, there will be a freebie competition.