Last week my father passed away. I was in depression, anger, denial and finally free. Standing alone in this world, without parents and a relationship. I am free to decide any paths that I want to take with the continuous support of my friends and my step-family.

I still do not know yet. I used to just want to be successful and rich so that I could prove it to my dad and make him proud. Now the benchmark is gone, I have to set my own benchmark. 🙂 I no longer want to be rich. I want a success that I can call my own.

I cannot, simply find it unbelievable impossible to thank all the people that came. Ok, here’s the lousy part. I did not know that if people come to the funeral they have to fucking pay. If I knew, I wouldn’t have tweeted or facebooked. Cuz so many showed up.

First is David, thanks for coming every night and taking leave on the first day to support my family. The innocence that I owe you, the gratitude and the love I could never ever repay or give it back in this lifetime. It would never be enough. All my weakness and break downs, you bore it with patience. Thank you. thank you.
And a big hug to your sis for sending flowers. 🙂

Carrot and Johnny, you guys took leave too on the first day. Isn’t it amazing how just sitting in outside Block A emo-ing lead us to where we are today? And playing with pythons and dreams as well. I still owe you guys the biggest hug. And by the way, both of you are mine. There is simply no explanation for my possessiveness over both of you. :p Thank you and hugs.

Pearl, Kim and Ash. Thank you for putting all my sins into the past and coming to support my family and I. The truth is, you guys changed me into a more bearable person even before I fucked things up. I love all of you and I miss all our crazy girl nights out. Thank you for the food, for ‘settling’ drama. But most of all, thank you for letting me still stay in your lives. I have became a better person and will still strive to be good. You guys were the catalyst for me. 🙂

(just gotta put this)

The 12 : Calvin, Ivan, Sim, Dwong, Celine, Dennis, Charel (and Audrey) :p
I never imagined that all of you will be there. Mainly because I did not announce but despite my stubborness to be alone, you guys came. However at that time I was already overwhelmed with the crowd and did not know how to handle myself. Thank you for coming (despite things that happened in the past *wink wink). I will never forget you guys. I am sorry I destroyed your fridge with worms Ivan!!! and Dennis, our kind of world will just keep getting better. I am sure 🙂

MMU peeps : Angel, Mun Mun, Rachel, Mii Ling, Rachel and Keith. Thank you so much. I am sorry if I did not accompany you guys during the funeral. I was so wing already from the crowd. zz but thank you thank you thank you.

OKR gang, Chuen, Kevin, Marcus, Teck Onn, Veron, Kino and Kenneth. Thank you Kenneth for Iris and the flowers. Thank you all for coming. Ok yes now I am proven right to my face that you guys are for real. I was being stubborn and always wanted friends of my own, thinking that you guys belonged to Chuck. FML. Apologies and Thankies.

Porkgang ; KY, Kim and Gareth, Ruby, Sotong, Horny, Terence, Jac, Eric, FA (Suanie and Ringo) plus Li Ling and Michael. SORRRY!!!! I FAIL! The first event I invite you guys is a funeral!!!! I will pay backs by wearing more low cut tight shirts. Thank you for shielding me from praying. I is happies and forever heart heart porkgang. 🙂 :3 Dunch know how to show my gratitude, feel slightly helpless but I guess it’s ok this time. I will learn to open ups! 🙂

Erin, thanks for waking up. I won’t forget 🙂 Let’s clean room together some day 😀

Mimo and Moto, thank you!!! Sorry bout chaos on second day. Hope you guys enjoyed the drama. :p Thanks for coming on the last day mao. How did we end up one year missing and now back to where we belong huh. lol.
How about a new beginning together? Exercising and Working 😀

Finally, Snecx. I linked you :p I slightly rebellious. In compensation, I put up your best photo (cuz I shot it duh). Thank you for coming and standing in the storm. Sorry you had to see me go berserk. Guess I needed a funeral just to spring clean my life. Now my backpack is really empty. Thanks for snapping me back into reality again and again. I just did not admit it cuz I did not want you to have the satisfaction of being able to ‘contribute so much fyl’. Now, I got a head start in the race. (but thanks for the car edutainment though :)) How about a new journey?

Ok, sorry if I missed anyone. It was crazy ok. I am goods now. Gimme a few days to pick up myself and start working again. Gonna heal myself and attempt a 2nd chance at life again. This time, I am gonna get success that I can call my own. I will improve myself and be good for my next love, since I am so terrible now right. Most important of all, I am gonna spend less time on work and more time with friends. 😀 Oh and dating too. 🙂