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Tips for caring for a bed-ridden person


When I was 8 during the last few months of my mom’s life, she is usually bed ridden and sickly. She used to write in a diary and apologize for being weak and for being a burden to…



There are many strings that holds us in life. Just like a pendulum, there is one for your mother, one for your father, some of your closest friends n partners. Like all of you, my pendulum was connected…



After my dad’s funeral, I went for a much needed vacation with KY (WAS STILL SINGLE THEN OK!!) to Tenggol. On the way there my head was flooded with my past, felt so heavy with the pain of…



Last week my father passed away. I was in depression, anger, denial and finally free. Standing alone in this world, without parents and a relationship. I am free to decide any paths that I want to take with…

The Last Chapter


Death is one thing that is not uncommon to me. I was there when my mom slowly declined to a suicidal stage. Now, it’s my dad. 4 months ago, he would sometimes walk into my room and tell…



The doctor says that there is only 2 days-14 days left for my dad. If he comes home, it’s even shorter. He is coming back tomorrow. When I told my sister what happened, she was quiet for a…

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