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10 tips for full time artists and SMEs

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As of today, I’ve been in the art industry for more than half a decade. For the most part, I’ve been servicing clients who give their own direction for art and installations. We would be the solution providers…

Tips for caring for a bed-ridden person


When I was 8 during the last few months of my mom’s life, she is usually bed ridden and sickly. She used to write in a diary and apologize for being weak and for being a burden to…



There are many strings that holds us in life. Just like a pendulum, there is one for your mother, one for your father, some of your closest friends n partners. Like all of you, my pendulum was connected…

Rewiring the New


Hey you.. thanks for reading. 🙂 It’s been some time. I miss your comments and reads. The past few months I have been bouncing left and right from idea to idea, job to job. It is kinda bad…

Oh No!! Thousands of Apologies


I was wondering why no one order any palletes. Today I checked my spam inbox. Inside got so many orders. T_T Sorry I will reply all of you one by one!

I am ready


This long weekend of holiday, I had a very important thing to ponder about. Next week, KY and I are going to get our rings. Not wedding rings but wedding TATTOO rings. Its different from rings, which can…