Blogger is killing me.


I have too many things to do.. but now I am forced to upgrade blushberry to a new server TODAY!
Kill me.

kill me.

please be patient while I upgrade to the new server.First of all, I need your help.. ok.. the Blushberry now…
Blushberry v1(the shit you’re looking at) is a prototype.. so far it’s ALL about beauty . that’s all.
Blushberry v2 is gonna be ALL about ME, beauty and design.
BUT Blushberry v3 is gonna be ALL about YOU, and US a community of beauty and design.
so..obviously v2 is gonna be a prototype for v3.. I am implementing the above.. (see my pretty pic)

I have already implemented a simple blog system for you guys to submit your tutorials and blog… so for those who are seeking more traffic, visitors and are thinking of starting a beauty/design blog.. you can submit your tutorials or blog in Blushberry v2.
if you are thinking , ” Who will join.. ish..” YOU will.. cuz I will be giving Freebies to those that blog in my v2 ok!! Help me out here you SILENT READERS.

But I know that’s not enough for you guys.. i wanna thank yall for sticking by me.. yada yada.. so touching right…so I am asking you this :
to discuss bout beauty.. design.. or kutuk me or whoever.. or send requests.. it won’t be a forum. I REPEAT.. NOT A FORUM.. cuz its too much for me to manage or moderate.. it will be a forum in v3 if the discussion board is active in v2. obviously, for you it will be free.. but for new comers next time… hehehe. hahaha. MAHAHA. ok next.

i know some of you guys have blogshop… or sell stuff in myb.. lowyat.. jbtalks.. if you want I can set up another medium for you guys to sell your stuff. ladies n designers stuff only ya!
FREE ok. if you still want to pay me I will accept…(dun want to pay somehow someday I still will earn something from you *evil*)

!!!So please leave a comment if you want any of those 2.. and any other things as well!!! I will be happy enough to brainstorm n cater the new BlushBerry to promote YOU and your products of course…


1. I am no expert, maybe you are.. or not. but blushberry has always been an audience speaking to audience kinda thing.. no bias.. no brand promoting.. and i want all of us to have a good time ya!
2. It’s free not cuz I am crazy but cuz it’s still a prototype until v3.. n yall will be the witness as it grow to fame. (just like how i march my way into The Star). I am aiming for the next interview or publicity to be about US, beauty n design bloggers as a TEAM.. not just me. I am not that selfish.
3. I wanna know yall at a more personal level.. thats why i suggested the blog and the discussion board.. it’s weird when people are reading bout your life(somewhat life) and you know nothing bout them.. i m just not the kind that rise n let people who support me stay low. So rise with me.
4. /// secret/// will reveal when v2 is up.

Leave a bloody comment ok.

Anyway, here is a cool technique on how to use wet makeup.. just a basic application though 😉

It’s been some time since I show every makeup application step… here goes!


first step, foundation and concealer.. Do not use foundation daily.. it’s too heavy…. too much.. maybe for events and night.. it cakes your wrinkles if you apply too many things on your face anyway
This is after foundation. I look like crap. so imagine how i looked like before.
I dun care if all my pics here have to be beautiful.. but it’s time yall get to know how i really look like. I applied some lip balm unto my lips cuz my lips are dark near the borders.. so I need to lighten them up with concealer.
I got this from Singapore.. at 10% off cuz I am a tourist. kaka.
Hello Flawless by Benefit.. Use the brush for light coverage(when you use foundation and concealer), sponge for heavy coverage(when you only use concealer)
I applied concealer to my eyebags and on my lip borders.
Then I used the powder on my face.
Yes I know my face is lighter than my neck n body. Reason is I went Urbanscapes and got sun stroked and sun burnt. I am sick with flu n sore throat.. just got well today.
Then use an angled brush and get some colour for your brows.
Why brush and not pencil? Cuz the result is softer and more natural, especially for aliens like me with no eyebrows haha. If you have thick brows, use a pencil to fill in. If you use a brush, it will look messy and bushy.
See what some eyebrows will make me look? I look normal now… 😀
Get the lightest shade for brow bone.. If you want a natural look, get something darker or skip this step. This step makes your makeup looks more professional..
Eyes look more awake and bigger now!
Grab some shimmer shadow(Majorca Majolica here)
Apply on eyelids.. Blend up to your brow bone colour..
Makeup is 20% application and 80% blending. What’s blending?
It’s using a clean brush to rub the colour edges til they go soft.
Get a pink colour..Think light orchid pink!
Line the upper lashline.. slant it up!
Get a orchid purple color. Use 2 or more colours if you like. on the same brush of course!
Line the outer corner of the upper and lower lashline like so.
Now here’s something new… dip the brush in water.
Get bright yellow… make sure ur brush is full with the pigments.
Do the inner corner of your lower and upper lashline. yellow is the complementary colour of purple.
Other possible combos are :
1. blue + orange
2. green + pink
This is how you get colours for your blusher brush.. grab the 2 lines of pinks.. or reds.. or oranges..
with blusher and mascara.. no falsies..
with lipstick.. I have to correct my body tones twice to match my face. I hate the sun.
I wanted the swollen eyes look.. couldn’t really get it cuz of my Asian eyes.. if you don’t want this look use some liquid eyeliner.

What do you think?

I need your feedback regarding v2!!

Blushberry Boutique is updated by the way

Thanks!! Ciaoz..