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The Courage to Blog


Ever since I moved my blog to .info, I have been in a dilemma of sorts. I used to rant and go all emo in my personal blog which was not redirected to here. And I started the…

Its a New Year


There came a day when I was enjoying the Ikea ice cream with a close friend on the tall table amongst the bustling crowd of Christmas shoppers. We were cubing (rubik’s :)) and chatting away. I grew curious of this…

Its Coming.


peeps i got back my mac!! mcd called me just now.. went to get it.. was untouched cuz they din take the power plug.. n i think it ran out of battery cuz was ‘sleeping’ too long..

Many Many Events & Work


yo… how are yall? swamped with exams? blushberry v2 is coming!!! Anyway, I went to alot of events & bazaars recently, here are a few pics for yall to enjoy.. First off, KDU College Rave 4 Sale Event

Orchid Painting


Blogger is killing me. GAHHHHHHHH!!! I have too many things to do.. but now I am forced to upgrade blushberry to a new server TODAY! Kill me.

BlushBerry Hacked


I dunno whether bb was hacked or what.. cuz you know the read more in every post, it is from blogoholic.info… n yesterday n today morning.. when you click into my blog u see the image above.. i…