The dreamy ‘once upon a time’

Something soft focus to start the story. I have this urge to make up a bedtime story. Please indulge me. Twice upon this time, amongst the lilac forest, there lived a kingdom of butterflies. Omg really?.. Please one.

The Grandma. Gotta have ’em vignette to match.

The oldest of them all is the grandmother. Of course she has a magic ball to foresee the future, not to mention cataract in her eyes. Please one.

The virgin

Then in ‘a quiet village’, the local beauty is the most colorful of all. Decked in pastel chalky hues, the wings is a sight to behold. The head, not so much. That’s why out of focus.

Mr. Jeans

The father is a big blue butterfly with guts to match. Always resting on tourist’s jeans, he earned himself the nickname Mr. Jeans in twice the time. Please one.

The servant

But bigger than the father is their servant, dressed in colourless drapes it goes about doing chores. But when no one is looking it lay sideways and rest until another butterfly hovers by.

Black Princess

In the castle, there lived the princess. Young, beautiful and naughty it flutters form leaf to leaf making it impossible to anyone or butterfly to sight her. She has a special skill of hanging on to the leaf when it is very windy. Please one.

The bachelor

The princess is always near the bachelor. But like all bachelors, he is chilling at ze rock with his other buddies looking up beyond the net waiting for eggs to drop.

Eggs and Spores

A rare delicacy, the eggs of a fern is said to make any butterfly gain vibrancy in their colors.Chipped wings can be repaired at the blacksmith now with a discount in repair costs since patch 1.04.

The messenger

A loud messenger, always in pairs. The other one hides to ambush photographers, hoping that they will fall into the pond down to the lair of Cydaea, the spider bitch.

The bouquet

With this bouquet, any butterfly can step into the realm of rainbows and pink bears, know as the horrid Whimsyshire.

The rain

In the Whimsyshire, everything is wet including the sun. It drips with honey that solidifies upon touching any feelers. Please one.

The fruits

The main prize of going to Whimsyshire is the fruits of life. Having eat this fruits will grant movement speed by 14%. Essential for dodging splatters of rain and clumsy tourists.

The girl

The last area in this kingdom is the graveyard. A plain road, filled with unmoving butterflies. Some torn, faded and mostly waiting to die. Why here? Cuz the road is wet. Once they wet their wings here, they can’t lift them up anymore. Please one omg.

The Sister

It is also here that most photographers frequent. On the floors, with the still butterflies that do not fly anymore.

The queen

High above everyfly and everyone the queen stood tall and oversee the kingdom. Her colors are bloody with Infernal Dye.

The Thief

Then on the way out of the kingdom, sometimes you can spot the thief. Camouflaged like a leaf, you might miss it. But sometimes the thief is noob and stay perched on a green leaf instead of  brown one. Please one.


oh and everyfly live 3 days happily.