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A-Meizing World Tour in Malaysia


There is no doubt that Amei is a diva and the pride of many chinese song enthusiasts. Her concert in Malaysia on 5th May blew her fans away with her performance and entertaining vocal acrobatics. I find that…

Zee Avi Concert 2010


Erin emailed me one day, saying that I get to go to Zee Avi‘s concert. Then I racked my brain and Bitter Heart played in my eardrums. As usual, Haze Long is late for the event. When was…

Jason Mraz Live in Kuala Lumpur


Hey hey! I just got back from Mraz’s concert in Stadium Negara. Man, it was packed. Hot. Sweaty ( I was in The Pitt [the closest non-sitting semi-dance floor section) Everybody was glistening wet and we were not…