I feel that if I blog only when I have tutorials, this blog will be long dead.
Its already invaded by some idiotic manga artist. 0_0

The truth is I am not so much a blogger. Well if you see male bloggers can pretty much blog about :
1. food
2. gadgets
3. chicks
4. events
5. photography
6. design
7. humour

and the list goes on.. but female bloggers are stereotyped into :
1. food camwhore
2. gadgets camwhore
3. party wild chick
4. models who are often in photography sessions

for those others who actually blog about something substantial.. they don’t get as much readers as those chicks who put plenty of their pics up in the blog.
Don’t believe me? Take a look at Xiaxue, Dawn Yang or Cheeserland..
People look at pretty girls..regardless of their intelligence or talents or watever. Seeing those names above the first thing that popped up in your mind is : why so many pics of themselves.. omg.

And you just scroll aimlessly down looking at the pics without delving into their content, no matter how intelligent or smart their post is. Sometimes you read.. sometimes you don’t.

This was one of the reasons why I did not focus Blushberry on me.. I did not even introduce myself. heck. and there are no personal posts or personal photos watsoever unless they are from events related to Blushberry.

You’ll never catch me posting up clubbing photos or some controversial photos of myself here..I dunno.. maybe its boring.. maybe I should brand myself into Blushberry.. I haven’t decided.

cuz the truth is, running a beauty blog will never get me up in the Nuffnang charts. How many ads can they target to my blog anyway.. beauty ads.. fashion ads.. skincare healthcare..basically everything a lady is interested in. that’s about it!

Now, you’re probably thinking.. Emmagem did it. Tongue in Chic too. and a handful of others.
Yea, they got PEOPLE running their company. I’ve got people too. 3 chicks in my imagination and 2 random hot guys in my mind. I am just too freaking selfish to share.

My Daily Life in Crumbs
Wake up at 4 pm.
Go to the PC.
Eat when hungry.
Sleep at 7 am.

when I am free, I slot in blogging and photography. that’s getting rarer n rarer nowadays.

{ **/ When I graduated, I made a staunch decision to quit the design.3d.arts industry. low pay + bad working hours. I went as far as to standing up a few interviews at some top companies just to make sure there is really no path back into the industry for me.

a friend once told me, ‘if design is your fate, you can’t run from it.’ Blushberry was meant to be a beauty blog, but it has became a publicity tool for my designs which I charge real low cuz I DON’T PLAN TO DO IT in the first place!!

Now I am sucked back in. /**}

I am tired. I lacked sleep. I lacked exercise. I lacked food. I look like a fucking zombie, coffee doesn’t do anything to me, I had to switch to tea since I felt I needed an alternative. I miss BlushBerry… most of all I miss replying comments from yall..heck I don’t even check my blog traffic anymore.

So I have decided.

Blushberry will no longer be about beauty.
As of today, Blushberry will be about beauty, design and me.

** My father once told me, “When you are presenting Iphone. Impress them with Iphone. Give a brand to Apple. But most important of all, make every single one remember you.”**

I am Haze Long