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I was featured in News Straits Times – Life & Times section yesterday.. I have also completed 2 websites lately.. Jojostruys.com Blivene.com And a logo for Pretty & Cute. And a new namecard for Emmy Ok. One last…

Maya Abstract Tutorial – 3D Modelling


Recently I have been fascinated by 3d abstract art. They look awesome and surreal. I had a notion to renew my blog design (again) and was inspired to do something along the lines of this style. I started…

Portfolio Update


Vey.com.my Catalog web design for Bryan YuniqueParadise.com Catalog blogshop for Yuni KYspeaks namecard Namecard for KY YuniqueParadise namecard Namecard for Yuni

Paintlust, Glee and portfolio updates


Lots of updates. Lazy to update my portfolio section already. Tiu. Gonna change to wordpress soon. I have like tons of blog posts to put up, enough for everyday for a week or two. Damn.

Dell Design Studio : Make it Yours!


:D:D:D:D Happies** Do you know why I love design so much? It is because of the fact that when I can foresee my end result being so awesomesauce and that causes my heart to go into an adrenaline…

Its Coming.


peeps i got back my mac!! mcd called me just now.. went to get it.. was untouched cuz they din take the power plug.. n i think it ran out of battery cuz was ‘sleeping’ too long..