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Spring Makeup for Nuffnang Awards Night 2011

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Nuffnang Awards is here again and I am lucky to be invited to the glamorous event. was nominated for Best Food Blog and we were both praying hard for a favorable result. It has been some time…

Japanese Wispy Hairstyle


Not sure if this is my first hairstyle tutorial… but if it is, then welcome! 😀 The key to this hairstyle is layering. If your hair is already layered like this, then there is no need to follow…

Sexy Eyes makeup look


Recently, I took Johnny’s camera for a test drive. His Canon EOS 550d can do wonders with videos and I wanted to do some videography again. But with a good camera, I couldn’t resist making a makeup tutorial.…

Blue Flame


This is how it looks like when its done. 🙂 Hope you like it! The makeup suits loose curly hair and some bohemian accessories.

Halloween – beMASKED 2


2nd post about the masks I bought from Bemasked. This mask is alot more complicated and dramatic than the earlier one. The thing about all these masks is I can pose however I want and still look good…

Halloween – beMASKED 1


Halloween is coming and the quick way to look cool is to get a mask. I found some cool ones from bemasked, they are all handmade and are exquisitely beautiful. Just because you are wearing a mask, you…