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Ye Olde Smokehouse hotel review

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Ye Olde Smoke House is located in Tanah Rata, a short drive up hill from the local town, Brinchang. The lovely bungalow cottage built in English Tudor style will charm you in its colonial ambience.  Upon reaching the…

Talika Black Launch

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Hehe, its my first time showing you my braces progress at the time of this beauty review. I used to have a cash register chin, now almost fixed with braces. My lower set of teeth have moved in…



I have always been an avid follower of Christopher Nolan‘s movies, from Memento–Insomnia–Prestige–Batman movies and finally, Inception. In Memento, he played with time in the storytelling. In Prestige he played with illusions and the whole movie felt like…

Alice in Wonderland


When we watch movies, we bring with us the popcorns and our cokes. However, we also bring our life experiences with us and particularly, what happened in the day before we stepped into the cinema hall. We watch…

CNY Movie Marathon


The date was 20th February, 2010 and it was still Chinese New Year. There were lots of movies playing at the cinemas and I was itching to watch some of them. McGarmott, a colleague of mine, had previously…

Ip Man Movie Review


I will start with 3 words : EPIC FINEST DONNIE YEN