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Celebrity Looks : Drew Barrymore


This look is getting more and more popular.. The alternative smoky eye, instead of starting from the lash line. It starts from our crease. No eyebrows and nude lips. Works best if you have light coloured eyes.

Explicit Looks : Golden Flakes


Hihi.. Finally the Chinese New Year craze has slowed down.. Here comes the Valentine’s craze!!! But this look is for the prosperous New Year!!

Chinese New Year in Penang


I am finally back!!!! phew.. I went to Penang for my CNY holidays.. It was just like what one of my buyers said, “The whole KL traffic will literally migrate to Penang.” She didn’t mention that it includes…

Explicit Looks : White Christmas


OY! MERRY CHRISTMAS! Don’t forget to send me presents.You can go to Cheras Leisure Mall, right outside of Giant supermarket. There is a big Christmas tree there with wishes hanging on the leaves. They are children’s wishes.. Pick…

Celebrity Looks : Jennifer Lopez


Hey hey, from now on there will be a few changes implemented into Blushberry like so : 1. Daily Posts will be compacted into a single post for the day 2. Proper english and punctuation will be used…

Celebrity Looks : Keira Knightley


Hey girls!! Today, we’ll start something new! Mimicking celebrities’ looks and makeups! Well.. to start off the series.. we will try and get the Keira Knightley Look. ps. Our final photo has been retouched to match the background,…